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Recommended Text: Clay A Studio Handbook By: Vince Pitelka
The first 4-5 classes of each session will start with a demonstration of the weeks technique or project, at about half past after the hour. As soon as you get to class get started. Set-up your work area, get out your pieces in progress and unwrap them. If you are not interested in the demonstration/project you may work quietly. After instruction we will come around to everyone individually to answer any specific questions you might have about what your are working on.
You may makeup ONE class per session. The best way to do this is to try to come to a makeup class the same week you miss. We teach the same topic all week.  Please come to the class you are signed up for on a regular basis.  Please schedule makeups with your instructor during class (the attendance sheet is kept in the classroom not with your instructor).  Please don't make this a problem, we are not required to offer any makeups.  
 All work must be your own and created during class time.
**If you are making pieces to sell...We are here to help hobby clay people.  If you are a professional or sell enough to support your habit, you should be doing this in your own studio. We should not be doing your firing. We can advise you on the set up of your own studio and kilns. This is a classroom studio, we are here to learn. Student work and experiments go through these kilns and you must be ready for certain percentage of failure due to no fault of your own.
When working in this studio please use only Cone 10 Clays from NWAC.  Recycle your own clay. We do not recycle your clay for you in this studio. Thick clay water and or glaze water is to be dumped in the appropriate sink bus tub or trash.  Your clay scraps go back in your bag. All clay tools and buckets are washed in the settling bucket in the clay room sink. All glaze tools are to be washed in the bus tub in the glaze room.  You may store your tools in your assigned 1/2 cubby.  Please understand you share this cubby and be respectful of your cubby-mates space.  
We recommend starting your own tool kit using the basic potter’s tool kit and a bucket or box to carry it in. I also recommend a k-34 Knife, a sure-form tool,  and a small stiff brush.  Marjon’s is the only local clay store. It is located at 426 W. Alturas. It is one block north and one block west of Oracle and Grant. The phone # is 624-2872. They are open 9-5 Mon-Fri and 10-2 on Saturdays.
Please keep a reference journal or sketch book. Fill the journal with ideas you come up with when you aren’t here, so that when you are here you have your ideas all set up and use your time wisely. We also track our pieces in this classroom. Please write it down every time you put a piece on the "to be bisqued" rack or "to be glazed" rack. Please leave your tracking paper in the purple file box for the kiln loaders reference.  
Identify all pieces in progress with your name on a clothes pin clipped onto the plastic. Please identify all pieces with your initials or mark before sending through the bisque fire. You may use a bit of iron oxide on a thin brush to make your mark or carve it DEEPLY into the clay with a pencil over a piece of plastic.
If you are only taking one session, you must finish all work prior to last class, you cannot return after your session to work on your pieces.
Classroom Safety
1. Leave all valuables at home. DO NOT take off jewelry in class.
2. PLEASE wear closed toed shoes in this classroom.
3. Tuck in loose fitting clothing and sleeves and tie back long hair.
4. Read and sign the Classroom Safety Sheet.
Classroom etiquette:
Cell phones are answered and talked on outside of the classroom.
Most people are here to work, not to chat. 3 hours goes by very quickly in clay.
Please keep your conversation to clay.  NO discussions of politics, religion or lengthy personal medical problems.  We all have them and clay is our escape.  
Your allotted table space is ½ of a table.
PLEASE clean-up after yourself and others. Keep your KARMA jar full.
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